What Part of You Is Hungry?
Sunny Kruger
Holistic Weight Loss and Wellness Coach for Women

Who among us hasn’t reached for something to eat at the first inkling of hunger even when it isn’t our body that needs to be fed? The true source of our hunger isn’t touched if we keep feeding our body (or starving it) when another aspect of us is desperately hungry.

What Part of You Is Hungry? is a unique approach to weight loss and wellness to help women address the true source of their hunger from a body, mind, and spirit perspective. Learn how to redefine the exquisitely complicated meaning of food and hunger in your life. Your hungers are invitations to heal and point the way to embracing who you are. Your food, in its broadest sense, is what heals you... WHAT PART OF YOU IS HUNGRY?

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Everyone faces all kinds of obstacles that stand in the way of self-discovery. If some of yours are about your relationship to food, they are calls for healing your life.

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